Summer has arrived

The heat has arrived!

Temperatures all week have been over 25 and as hot as 33.  Clouds have rolled in over the past day but the highs are still very high, and with lows coming in at 17c, and very high humidity, it feels like I’m living in the deep south.

It’s a strange thing, for the first time I can recall, I look forward to getting home after work – even on rainy days.  Even if it’s pouring, if my daughter wants to dance in the yard and the temperatures are in the high-20’s, I’m game!

Mucky Rivers, Heat, Humidity, and Catfish in the creek.  Is this Winnipeg or Louisiana?


6 Months – wow.


6 Months have flown by here in Winnipeg.

I can’t believe i’ve been here this long quite frankly… In 6 months, we’ve lost a Cat, our girl has grown up an amazing amount, we bought a new house, Amanda started a new job, basement renos are underway, the stock market is up huge, and work has perhaps been the most challenging it has ever been.

What’s incredible is how little I feel like I’ve experienced anything new yet in Winnipeg.  I really need to focus on getting out and exploring this City.  If i’m going to love it here, it’s clear it’ll take some effort on my part.  If a person doesn’t focus on getting out and seeing new things, it simply won’t happen.

Here’s hoping the next 6 months involve a whole lot more *exploring* and a lot less *nesting*.

Winnipeg Arrival

Our new home.My family and I have now completed the move to Winnipeg, MB.

We’ll take possession of our new home on the 28th of October, just in time to hunker down for a long Manitoba winter.  We’ve moved into an area near Woodhaven just south of Portage and Sturgeon Creek.