6 Months – wow.


6 Months have flown by here in Winnipeg.

I can’t believe i’ve been here this long quite frankly… In 6 months, we’ve lost a Cat, our girl has grown up an amazing amount, we bought a new house, Amanda started a new job, basement renos are underway, the stock market is up huge, and work has perhaps been the most challenging it has ever been.

What’s incredible is how little I feel like I’ve experienced anything new yet in Winnipeg.  I really need to focus on getting out and exploring this City.  If i’m going to love it here, it’s clear it’ll take some effort on my part.  If a person doesn’t focus on getting out and seeing new things, it simply won’t happen.

Here’s hoping the next 6 months involve a whole lot more *exploring* and a lot less *nesting*.